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A glimpse into our lives as a family with micro-preemies. Our twins boys (Lovingly referred to as our Miracle Men) were born almost 16 weeks early.

Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Three weeks old!

Hard to believe it has been three weeks already...and it is hard to believe it has only been three weeks.  Max had a setback last night.  He had been doing fairly well all day, but at 3:00 A.M. this morning (Friday), his blood gas was not good.  They increased the pressures on his vent s his oxygen needs had climbed to 100%.  He was on 100% for the better part of the day, and when I got to the hospital tonight the respiratory therapist was "suctioning" him out (sucking junk out of his lungs via his ET tube).  For the last few days they have been getting next to nothing, but today they started to get some meaningful junk out of Max's lungs.  This is a good sign that his infection is at least starting to break up.  Through the evening they were able to turn him down to the 70% range on his oxygen.  We are praying that they keep getting a bunch of junk out of his lungs and all of that new "open" area helps his oxygen needs continue to decrease.  Wes had a good day and continues to tolerate his feedings well (they upped him to 10.5 ml today!!) and they continue to ween him off of the TPN IV fluids.  His vent settings were relatively unchanged throughout the day, and his oxygen needs continue to be in the 30-40% range.

We did not have the boys baptised today.  I got a little ahead of myself in thinking that Mom was going to be able to make the trip to GR.  We still plan to have the boys baptised in the near future, but we will be playing it by ear as far as scheduling goes.

I got a chance to read the boys their first book tonight...it was called "Big Bulldozer", and was very enlightening.  It turns out that bulldozers move dirt.  Both of the boys were quite tired and did not seem to respond too much.  After we prayed with them, I sang "I love You Lord" to Max, and he tried to open his eyes and turn his head towards me.  It was about the coolest thing ever.  Kate and I sang "I Love You Lord", "Sanctuary", "Jesus Loves Me", and "Be Still and Know" to the boys every night when Kate was pregnant, so it is so amazing to see Max, who is still somewhat sedated from his surgery, respond to that song.  I hope it is as comforting to him as it is to me.  I love you Lord.


  1. Thanks for the update! It's amazing what God is doing with those little boys! I pray that you can always feel His hands upon all four of you. What a neat moment for you and Max!
    Love, Mark, Michelle, and Jack

  2. We will say extra prayers for Max today!! Three weeks already, they are such strong little boys!
    We miss them and can't wait to see them again.
    Love you all,
    Stacy,Geoff,Cassi,Evan & Sadie

  3. What a neat post Mark (& Kate)! It is great to hear about progress, and the things you guys get to do, even with the boys in their little "houses". Isn't it awesome that when you take it a day at a time, it eventually adds up! 3 weeks is awesome! We continue our prayers for the boys and Kate's Mom. The prayer warriors at Third Zeeland are doing the same, especially with the tie to your in-laws.


  4. What a mighty God we serve! A God who rides with us through the Roller Coaster of Life!! (I hate roller coasters, so the analogy of HIM riding along is such a comfort! :) )
    I am so grateful for your updates! It helps all of us who care about and are praying for you ride the ups and downs with you! Your faith is AMAZING, and after reading this blog and seeing the pictures, how could anyone say "there is no God"?!
    I am also so grateful for God's Hand in the provision of modern medicine and technology - from the detailed equipment used to monitor the condition of these little guys, to the convenience of the internet which enables us to read and see on a daily basis what God is doing in your lives! The pictures shared are incredible! To see the perfect forms of these two tiny babies is awe inspiring, and then to see the hand of their precious grandmother touching him in the last days of her life! Wow! A picture to be cherished FOREVER! Truly God's hand touches us from the beginning to the end! What a comfort!!!
    Then also to hear your testimony of singing praises to and with the boys from the time they were in the womb, reminds me of the beauty of music and how some day they will be singing those same praises with all of us around the throne of God in Heaven! It gives me goose bumps!!! What an awesome God we serve!!!
    Mark and Kate, and your extended families, my heart breaks for you when you go through the valleys, but also rejoices with you when you experience the mountain tops - May you continue to experience God's loving arms around you each step of the way!
    Our prayers support you daily!
    Jan Ebels

  5. Our prayers continue for your family. Continue to lean on God.

    Joel and Sarah

  6. So sweet! I love that you sang to Max and that he responded to that. Such a tiny little baby and he recognizes that song. God is amazing!

  7. You are awesome parents! Thank you for sharing your love for your boys and your love for your family and your love for the LORD. We keep praying for stronger lungs, more food, less TPN, and more special days (like looks, and smiles, and cuddles galore). Know you are loved. Remember we would love to help in any way we can. -Sue Nykamp and family

  8. Wow ... singing to your sons, how amazing! I'm sure they know your voice, Mark ... especially if you sang to them while they were still living inside Kate. What a beautiful thing. Praying for that infection to break up completely!!!!