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A glimpse into our lives as a family with micro-preemies. Our twins boys (Lovingly referred to as our Miracle Men) were born almost 16 weeks early.

Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2

Today was Max's first transplant clinic appointment. So far so good!!! His labs came back great, the liver is "taking" so far! The only thing we need to watch is his fluids. He is having severe severe diarrhea from all the meds. He is a little dehydrated. Which can get pretty serious if not taken care of. Thankfully giving him more fluids is an easy solution. So, poor Max is floating away from LARGE amounts of water. When I walk up to him he says "no moe (more) wawa (water) Mommy, no more wawa." He is so stinkin cute.
He is finally settled into being at home. He is now playing, laughing, and "reading" again. I have such an awesome kid. I know I say that a lot but I really really have an awesome kid(s). Wes is doing so great with all this chaos. I think he misses Grandma though. He keeps asking if its a Dama (Gandma) day. Thankfully we didn't exhaust Grandma to much and she still comes to hang out. =)