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Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Four weeks old!

Hard to believe, but the boys are a month old already!!  Wes has been doing very well recovering from his PDA ligation surgery yesterday morning.  His vent pressure has come down from 32 to 24, which is a huge improvement in such a short time, and even more impressive considering he is recovering from heart surgery.  His oxygen needs have gone up a bit, but that is to be expected with less air coming in.  Max is still on pretty high settings with his vent and oxygen, but has been quite stable, meaning he has not had wild swings in his oxygen saturation which he and his brother are so famous for in the nursery.  The doctors have also changed their approach with Max and have taken him off the conventional vent altogether (they typically use the jet vent in tandem with the conventional vent) and have increased the pressure on his jet vent from 40 to 44, but reduced the breaths per minute (BPM) from 360 to 300.  The theory is that the reduction in the BPM will allow him to naturally expel more CO2 by giving him more time to exhale.  This theory will be monitored closely as it is not the most traditional way to deal with a baby this small that has very sick lungs.  Both boys have also started nebulizer treatments of Albuterol to help their lungs relax and open up.  The doctors would also like to start Max on some sort of steroid treatment, but want his blood pressure to be a little lower before they start.

All in all, the last couple of days have been good ones.  Wes' surgery went well, he is recovering quickly and Max seems to be much more "stable" than in days and weeks past.  On top of that, we have been able to spend some very quality time with Kate's mom, too.  Oh...and the boys both weigh 2 lbs now!!  We thank God for His providence, for walking with us through the valleys and setting our feet on firm ground once again.  If only for a day, the break from the grind is welcome.  We also thank God for all of the people that have been holding up Max and Wes in prayer, along with Kate and her family.  We are daily blown away by the way God has used His people through out this journey.  The prayer support first and foremost has been nothing less than incredible.  As if that alone was not enough, God has provided people who have generously given beautiful gifts for the boys, quilts and prayer shawls that are draped over the boys incubators as we speak, gift cards, gas cars and anonymous monetary gifts.  Each and everyone of these gifts has come with such impeccable timing as our needs have arisen that it can only be of God.  Thank-you to everyone who has allowed God to use them...who have been blessed to be a blessing to Kate, Max, Wes and myself.  


  1. So glad to hear that the boys are doing well and becoming chunky :) Sending many prayers and many praises to our Lord and praying for all good days ahead so Max and Wes can grow and mature their little bodies.

    Tina Jacobsen

  2. I found your blog through the Busscher's blog. You, your little guys and Kate's mom and family are in my prayers. May our Lord's presence surround you.


  3. Happy 1 Month Birthday Boys! Praising God for the gains your little guys are making and continuing to pray for more good and great days ahead! What precious miracles these two are!

  4. How wonderful that the boy's incubators are covered with prayer shawls!!!

  5. Mark & Kate, I just want to thank you again for doing these daily posts for all of us. I can't wait for you to someday read through all of these from beginning until your boys are home to see and marvel at the journey God has brought you all through. We know that the journey is really hard right now and will continue to be so for some time, but God is faithful. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. Thank you for the privilege of being part of this journey through this blog. Our prayers continue for comfort and grace and joy and strength. Our love and prayers are continually with all of you. Aunt Allie, Uncle Bob and family.

  6. 1 month old...2 pounds... Wow!! That's hard to believe! All praise & glory to God for His hand that is so evident in Max & Wes' lives (and yours, too)! We're still praying and trusting with you... thank you for how you've invited us along on your journey through this blog. with love, The Sluiters