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Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little miracles

We just cannot stop singing God's praise for the miracle He worked in our little guy's bodies today.  We were bracing for them needing the PDA surgery, but praying that they would not.  We were not expecting both Max and Wes' valves to be closed after round one of the medicine!!  What an amazing tribute to the our Father's ability to do so much more than we could ever ask or imagine.  Thank-you to everyone who prayed with us that these valves would close...our prayers were answered!!

Max decided to follow in his brother's footsteps today and try breathing on his own.  I was sitting next to his bed reading a book when the alarms went off.  That is not uncommon, but this one was a little different sounding.  I realized quickly that something might be awry, so I decided to clear out and let the nurses do their thing.  He had indeed "extubated" himself, the opposite of "intubating."  The nurses gave him an opportunity to breathe by himself, but decided that he did need the help of the ventilator.  So he had to be intubated again, which is typically done by a doctor as it is a very precise procedure.  After the procedure, they take an x-ray of his chest to make sure it is placed properly.  In no time, Max was sawing logs like nothing had happened.  Wes had a relatively uneventful day, but they did decide to exchange the IV in his belly button (umbilical cord) for what they call a "pick line".  This pick line is an IV in the arm that threads all the way up the vein almost to the heart.  His nurse Cathy (one of our favorites) gave him a stern talk that he just needs to relax and let the doctor do what he needs to do.  He listened to her and just looked at her while holding his arm nice and straight and still for the doctor.  Kate and I are still a little uneasy about being too close for these procedures, so we kind of hung out by Max until they were done.  He handled it like a champ and an x-ray confirmed that the line is located exactly where it needs to be.

Without a doubt the biggest highlight of the day was that Max peed all over his blanket while the nurse was changing his diaper.  That in and of itself is hilarious to me, but the really cool part is that I got to hold him while they pulled the blanket out and put in a new one.  I have so been looking forward to this...I finally got to hold one of my baby boys!!  Below are some pictures of the event.
I could not figure out how to get the following picture to rotate, but I think you can still get the picture.
My first reaction was sheer elation.  He is just so delicate, yet fully formed.  For a little guy that spent only 63% of the gestation time carefully planned by God in his mother's womb, I am just blown away.  My second reaction was...he doesn't weigh too much!!  I do not fancy myself any sort of body builder, but I am pretty sure I could do infinity bicep curls with Max!!

Kate and I are just continually blown away by the wonderment of God's creation.  One post on this blog a few day ago said it so well.  The same God that created all of the billions of stars in the sky that are so big and so complex, created Max and Wes, who are so tiny.  And the really amazing part is that He cares so much more about Max, Wes, you and I.  

My Dad was commenting the other night about how the valve related to the PDA condition the boys had is such a great argument against evolution.  If you have a few minutes, check out the following link:

The following link is a great video by Louis Giglio about Laminin that my Dad and uncle sent to me.  Take a few minutes to watch it if you have the time, it really spoke to me and I hope it does the same to you:


  1. These pictures are priceless! Thanks again for letting us see you and the boys today! I could have stayed all day absorbing God's love in the boys!

  2. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Wow! What an incredible God!!! I love the pictures of Mark holding Max... what a great illustration again of how our Father is holding each of us...no matter how small or fragile we may be or feel sometimes... in His loving hands. All praise to Him!!!

  3. All of us sat at the computer and looked at the pictures of Max and prayed, prayed that he and Wes will contine to improve and develop. That they will grow into wonderful little boys and all of this can be a distant memory.
    We love you all.
    Stacy, Geoff, Cassi, Evan and Sadie (they love looking at pictures of their new cousins)

  4. Mark and Kate--this is my first time seeing your blog. Your little guys are so precious! We will pray for them and you! ~Tami (Vermeulen) Post

  5. What great news! What a mighty God we serve! Continuing to keep all of you in our prayers!

  6. Great news Wiersma's! That video about the stars does put into perspective what an amazing God we serve. And, you couldn't have said it any better - he cares more about your little guys, you, and I than he does about those stars!


  7. Hey guys, I can't barely take it anymore! When can we see you, chat with you and give you hugs? Wiers, that feeling of holding your baby for the first time will never flee from your memory; isn't it amazing? Everything about pregnancy and babies is a miracle! We are continually praying and praising over here.

    Audrey, Levi and Savannah

  8. Mark, I anxiously await updates about the boys everyday and to hear how they are doing, what they are doing....and then to see pictures of you holding Max! It was awesome! Wes and Max have such amazing parents and in no time, they will get to see how truly lucky they are. We continue to pray for all of you that God will continue to strengthen the boys but also to keep you and Kate strong in this journey. We love you all and cannot wait to see you soon!

  9. Mark and Kate.... You and your boys are constantly in our thoughts and prayer!! It is so wonderful to see you singing God's praises, your faith in all things considered is very contagious!! We send love, prayers and hugs and kisses to you and your boys!! The Duryee's