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Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Friday, March 20, 2009

This is a roller coaster

Well, the day has not been real great. The doctors decided to take Kate off the magnesium as they did not want to continue with this treatment if they did not absolutely have to. Kate had another ultrasound to check her cervical length and the level of fluid around the babies. The level of fluid was good, but her cervix has shortened significantly. On Monday it was in the 2.7-2.9 cm range, today it was closer to the 1.5 cm range...not good. This means that the contractions are weakening her cervix and moving things closer to delivery. She has not dilated any further, which is good, but these contractions need to stop. The doctors decided to give her a large dose of Procardia which she has been on before with mixed results. She feels okay on this drug (compared to the magnesium), but it is taken in pill form every 4 hours, and about 3 1/2 hours after she takes the pill the contractions are back and are very regular. We were hoping that Kate was "someone who contracts their whole pregnancy but never changes their cervix" as the doctors have said so many times, but that hope is now gone. Kate and I are just tired. We just want to be bored. We want a day with no activity, no changes, no bad news. We are scared, Kate thinks she is a medical mystery, and we don't feel like we can pray anymore than we have. We praise God for another day that the boys are in their mothers womb, and tomorrow is a big day because we are at the 24 week mark. But things are just not trending in the right direction. God is quickly bringing us to a place where there are no more medicines and the only thing left is a miracle, and maybe that is His plan in this whole ordeal. The doctors are on plan D, but God is still on plan A. We desperately want to see where that plan is taking us, but the steps are being revealed one at at time right now. We will follow in faith knowing that God holds us in His arms and He holds our tiny little baby boys in His arms.

Thank-you to everyone who has left posts, sent emails, sent cards, called, or visited. Your words of encouragement have sustained us. We have felt the support of the body of Christ. Please pray that God will touch Kate and stop the contractions.


  1. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm praying for you guys! My mom (Shari Buursma) knew Kate's mom--I think they had gone to a cancer camp together. I can only imagine all the emotions you are both feeling right now. I pray those little boys stay in even a few weeks longer!!! I went on bedrest with my little girl at 28 weeks and I thought that was scary (my contractions never really stopped, but I ended up making it 3 weeks on bedrest)--I can only imagine what you're going through.
    Meredith Geurink

  2. Mark and Kate - we just ache for you both right now as you go through this scary ordeal. Through your words, you have shown a strength and faith that is just amazing. We want you to know that we are lifting you up in prayer daily and asking God to just wrap His protective arms around you and your boys. You have such a powerful faith and we just praise God for that - you are such an inspiration even though you may not feel it right now - thank you for keeping us all updated and for sharing your heart with us all.

    We will keep praying that the contractions slow down and that they don't dialate the cervix (I can slightly relate as I am one of those people you mention that has contractions my whole pregnancy but doesn't dialate...we didn't know that right away - so I know how scary it is to have so many contractions and just not know what effect they are having.) I'm sure Kate is just so exhausted at this point - I can't even imagine what she has gone through...so many many prayers coming your way :)
    We look forward to a "good news" day for you guys tomorrow!

    Sarah and Nick Terpstra

  3. We are praying for the four of you and for uneventful days!!
    Mark & Jen Brink

  4. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that the Creator can work miracles and bring two beautiful little ones only once they are ready to be on their own. Thinking of you all!

    Rebecca Kuipers (Vander Vliet)

  5. Mark, Kate, and "The Boys":

    You have our full thoughts and prayers daily. We do believe that our God is sovereign and almighty, and there is power in His name like no other. What a gift you both are during this trying time. God is already using you for His glory as you faithfully walk closer and closer with Him, day by trying day. This blog and your testament are already changing lives eternally by your example and grace. We will pray for boredom, safety, and a miraculous delivery. We are proud to call you friends.

    With love, support, and prayer...Jason, Mary, and Bella

  6. we are praying hard for your family! I can't imagine how scarey, My water broke at just shy of 27 weeks, i went into heavy labor several times,they were able to stop me, but i remember being on the magnesium... (kate i feel your pain! that stuff is aweful!)
    praying for a boring day tonight and tommorow...

    Bill & Rachel Deyoung

  7. Kate & Mark, God is able, more than able, to do more than we could ever imagine....."Father God, we beseech you in this late evening hour to be with Kate and Mark. Protect those precious babies you are forming in Kate's womb. Please, dear God, we are praying for a miracle....May those contractions stop so that these precious miracles you have given them may continue to grow. Father, God, these boys are gifts from you and we know that you love them even more than we could ever imagine to love them. Give us a boring, uneventful end to March, and then if we may be so bold an even more boring April. We are trusting You and hold on to You. You are our shelter and strength in times of trouble....we need you Lord. Give Kate and Mark some needed rest tonight and strength for a new day tomorrow. We pray for encouraging news. Give us enough light to be able to see one step at a time. It's in Your precious name that we pray....Amen" Aunt Allie, Uncle Bob, Chris, Julie & Kim

  8. hey guys. Just know, that God IS on plan A and even though you feel you don't know how to pray or can't pray anymore, the body still is!!!!


  9. Kate and Mark! I've been dying not being there to support you! I love you both and am praying that those baby boys just stay put! I can only imagine what little spitfires they will be when they make their big entrance into this world!:)

    The support of God's people is seriously amazing! God is faithful to the faithful, and we know he's surrounding you with his almighty hands. I will pray for comfort and peace from the storms that surround you...may the waters lie still tonight and tomorrow.

    Chris Rosencrans

  10. Mark and Kate, we are lifting you up many times daily in thoughts and prayers. The strength you've both displayed as you fight this battle has been an inspiration to us. What a comfort to know that you are not alone, that the Creator God of the Universe holds you in His hands! Isaiah 41:10 says, "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand".

    Much love and many prayers,

    Aunt Lin and Uncle Ken

  11. We'll be here praying when you guys feel too weak. We'll be praying for an uneventful day today, for the babies to stay put, and for you guys to be able to relax (as much as possible, given the situatin). We serve an Almighty God... He will NOT let you go!

  12. "Jesus Loves You this I know
    for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong...You are weak but He is strong."
    Praying you continue to experience His presence...In His Grip...barb & ted

  13. Mark & Kate,
    I am lifting you up to our Heavenly Father during this difficult time. I pray that you experience the peace that can only come from God.
    Jami Czerkies-O'Connor

  14. Unfortunately, we know these feelings all too well. Just know that when you are too exhausted to pray, we are all lifting you up. May you feel a peace in your hearts today and may you be extremely bored!

    Jason and Krista Schrotenboer

  15. Mark & Kate and "the boys"
    We are shooting prayers like cannon balls to the heavens here at the VanderVeen household. We LOVE you so much and are in constant prayer for your wonderful family. It is a true blessing to see how God is working in your family. Thank you so much Mark for keeping us updated so we can pray for the specifics. Romans 8:28 says, "We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." You are both a true testament of faith right now. God is holding you in His hands and he will take care of you. We love you more than you know!
    Cousin Tim, Sarah, Brady, and Kylie VanderVeen

  16. Dear Friends:

    We pray that you found rest and peace last night and are having a "calm" day today among the storms and roller coasters. Here is a video of the song "Still" we wanted to share with you. Psalm 46:10 "Be STILL and know that I am God."

    We know that you are tired and weak but GOD IS STRONG - lean on Him for everything you need. Keep looking up and feel the presence of God ALL around you - He will NEVER leave or forsake you!

    Lord, listen to your children praying.

  17. Dear Mark and Kate,

    We are continuing to pray for you and the babies every day. We will pray for a boring day and also lots and lots of peace. Mark - I'll even send up a prayer for a more comfortable cot. :)

    Just know that you are not alone. You are thought of often and prayed for very much.

    Lindy, Dustin, Brooke, Max and Samantha Ver Beek

  18. I just put a new picture on our wall: Faith HOPE & Love. It made me think of you. I believe very strongly in the power of prayer. We will continue to keep your family in our thoughts and prayers, but we're also sharing your story with others so they can pray, too.

    Carrie, Chris, Lucas and Simon Dattels

  19. Dearest Kate and Mark,
    (I am posting this for my parents because they do not have access to a computer today)

    You and your precious little boys are in our constant prayers. We pray for a divine quietness to come upon your body and spirit, Kate, to lengthen the time your babies live within you. May these words of Elisabeth Elliot speak to you:
    Lord, give me a quiet heart
    That does not ask to understand,
    But confident steps forward in
    The darkness guided by your hand.

    Mark and Kate,
    It is very evident that you are seeking God's peace and are holding onto His promises. When you get tired, know that we are being strong for you in prayer. In the bible David said, "When I am afraid, I will trust in you." Please let these words bring you comfort and the boredom you so desire at this time. We love you, Kate and Mark, and your precious little boys who are children of the King!
    In deepest love and compassion,
    Uncle Ray and Aunt Sherry Kloostra

  20. We are asking daily for the Lord to bring on the miracles for the Blaukamps and the Wiersmas! Hang in there Mark & Kate.

    Roller coaster rides end, and I know you're going to be a beautiful family of four all in God's perfect timing.

    Psalm 121:1-8
    I raise my eyes toward the mounatins. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to slip, your Protector will not slumber. Indeed, the Protector of Israel does not slumber or sleep. The Lord protects you, the Lord is a shelter right by your side. The sun will not strike you by day, or the moon by night. The Lord will protect you from all harm; He will protect your life. The Lord will protect your coming and going both now and forever.