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Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another dose of Mag (23 weeks 4 days)

Kate has now been on the Magnesium Sulfate drip for about 9+ hours. The contractions have been DRAMATICALLY reduced, but the drug is certainly taking its toll on Kate. The doctors have not let her eat or drink anything since breakfast, which turned out to be a good thing because she had another vomiting spell...but I did not have to clean up any fruit loops this time!! She has had her ups and downs on the magnesium, sometimes she feels okay, other times her legs ache, she gets real dizzy, her face gets very warm, and often times she needs to be on oxygen. This treatment seems like it is from the stone ages with its long list of negative side effects, but the one thing that it does do is slow down contractions...and it has done that. Praise God!! Everyone around here talks about this medication like it is a crotchety old lady name "Mag". I have adopted this idea to add a little humor to my otherwise serious day.

Thank-you to all of the people that have faithfully prayed for Kate and the boys. It has been a really scary day, and we have felt a comfort that only comes from God. The doctors were talking to us about how the babies were going to be delivered (they think a C-section is more than likely), which is about the worst thing on earth to think about knowing the odds these boys face if they are born in the near future. The doctors also said that the twins are certainly going to come early. I don't know what possessed them to say that, but they said it might be today, maybe next week, maybe next month, but they are going to come early. What Kate and I have promised to do is only think about today. God has given us enough grace and strength to face the challenges of today. Tomorrow He will do the same, because His mercies are new every morning. Our prayer is that whatever the outcome for our twin boys, that God be given the glory. He gave us the opportunity to be parents to these little treasures from Heaven for 23 weeks and 4 days so far...and it has been so amazing. He is our Creator God. He gives and takes away, he gives and takes away, my heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be Your name.


  1. Dear Wiersmas,
    WOW! You brought tears to my eyes. We are praying SO HARD for all four of you. We ask for comfort for you Kate, and strength for those precious little boys.
    I would love to come visit. That is if you feel up to having another visiter.
    Mark, maybe you could let those of us that don't know what would be the appropriate way to get in touch with Kate.
    In Christ,
    Dan & Jordan

  2. Thank you for creating this so we can stay updated! We are praying for those little babies that God will keep them growing strong and healthy. We pray you feel the love that is surrounding you guys!
    Kelly Meeuwsen