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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One more day

Today was kind of a mixed bag. Kate had some more regular contractions this morning, so the doctors have adjusted her medication from 10 mg of Procardia every 3 hours to 20 mg every 4 hours. Kate was very anxious about her "strip" this morning, and after she called and told me that the nurse called the doctors after seeing it, I immediately thought I was going to get a call that I needed to head to the hospital because they were moving Kate downstairs. The doctor "checked" Kate again and said she was still dilated to 2cm, so that was good news because that means no change for quite a few days now. The doctor also said it was not conclusive if what she saw on the strip was contractions or irritability, but did not feel there was anything too alarming. So that is good news overall, but still some unknowns and the doctors continue to seem "perplexed" by Kate. This is no surprise to me...she has perplexed me for more than 10-years now. Even though there are some unanswered questions, and Kate feels like this course of treatment may not be working too well, we are ecstatic that Kate is 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Every day is such an amazing blessing from God, and we can really tell that Kate's belly keeps getting bigger...and we know it is not from eating Cafe 58 cookies (although she did sneak one tonight, but don't tell her nurse). She said it was well worth an insulin shot if that is what it comes down to.

Speaking of Cafe 58 cookies, we did send out an open invitation to the nurses to stop by and grab a cookie...and they ALL did. One of the nurses' assistants came in and was wondering where this Cafe 58 place was and I explained that it is in the old Zeeland Hospital building. Her jaw dropped and she looked at me and said, "you work at the Zeeland Hospital? So does my sister!! That is soooooo cool!! I can't wait to tell her!! Thanks for the cookie!!" Needless to say, I don't think she is going to be stopping by for lunch at the Cafe anytime soon...sorry Leah and Sue. The best byproduct of the impromptu cookie sale was that one of the nurses brought us a remote for the DVD player in our room!! I have been trying to get one since day one, and the nurse told me there are only about 5 of them left on the entire floor and 25 rooms with DVD players. So we are ruling the roost over here now!! That is the power of the cookies. I am almost scared to break out all the other delicious home-made goodies we have around here...the nurses might surprise Kate by taking down the atrocious floral wallpaper border surrounding her room.

One thing that Kate and I have observed about our prayers over the last couple of nights is that when the days are calm and uneventful, it is so terribly easy to start looking further down the road then that day. When we were "in the storm" over the weekend, we were praying for the next minute, but after a little bit of calm, we are already letting ourselves start praying for weeks instead of days. I feel like an Israelite trying to collect manna for the next week instead of just what I need today. This is something we need to constantly remind ourselves of because God has been so faithful in providing Kate and I with our "daily bread", and we know that if our boys are born tonight that God is equally capable of working a miracle outside of Kate's womb as He is inside. What a mighty God we serve!!


  1. Praise God for some calm, uneventful days. We'll keep praying for many more of those to come! He IS an amazing, almighty God!!! Thanks for the updates!

  2. Awesome. I will keep praying regardless. I want a cookie now. I had a student last year who worked at the cafe and kept telling me I had to come in. She no longer works there and I haven't thought about Cafe 58 since. I will be going there soon!

    Goodnight and God bless~Audrey

  3. I found your blog through various other people's blogs and I just wanted to offer you some encouragement. I too am pregnant with twins....29 weeks and 3 days to be exact and I started having serious contractions at 23 weeks. They were not changing my cervix at first but slowly they are starting to change my cervix. I have been on bedrest for 6 weeks now and I am still going strong. I am on 20 mg of procardia every 4 hours and I am still contracting while on the medicine but it does help keep them less strong I would say. I will keep your family in my daily prayers as I know how scary this all can be. God is bigger than all of this and I just pray that you will be surrounded by peace through this storm.

  4. hi there...
    i found your blog from my cousin, lisa myrick. we have 3 boys so anytime i hear that more of them are going to be born, i smile. :) i love little boys. anyways, i just wanted you to know that you are being prayed for all the way over here in Lynden, Washington. we serve a BIG God and in faith, we KNOW He can do amazing things!!
    thank you for sharing your story with us!
    traci likkel :)

  5. Hey Mark, your words at the end of the blog are so encouraging and true! I hope you can also be encouraged that we are joining in praying for you and Kate and the boys. Thank you for sharing so honestly!
    Kristin (Schippers) Bierma

  6. I too found your blog by way of friends...I will join in praying for your family. I so needed to be reminded of the last part where you wrote about prayers. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful that God provides us with what we need daily, moment by moment. He is Faithful!
    He makes all things beautiful in His time. Ecc. 3:11

  7. So many things to be thankful for!!! We are praising God for His faithfulness and goodness in giving you "one more day."

    Jason, Mary & Bella

  8. Congratulations! Another day! I am praying right now that God gives you more.
    "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10 Melanie Lyons (Sarah's friend:)

  9. hey kate & mark...and little ones, too...my name's lisa (kate, you may remember me from crazy horse days...used to be lisa kleinheksel) anyway - i've been keeping up on the 4 of you for a little bit, and i just wanted to pass along the you've been in my thoughts & prayers lately! it's good to hear that God has things in his control...and such a great reminder about the "daily bread"...something we should keep in mind every day.
    many thoughts & blessing to you!...we'll keep praying!
    ~lisa & derrick huizenga