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Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick Update

I am VERY happy to report that our prayers have again been answered, and Wesley is still on nasal cannula!! In fact, the CO2 of 66 that he had on Friday afternoon was the highest it has been since. Gotta love the way God works. Max is also doing well. Max weighs 9 pounds 10 ounces and Wes weighs 9 pounds 2 ounces. That is like real babies!!

Sorry for the sort update, I am still feeling like garbage and it hurts my head to look at a computer screen. I would appreciate prayers for quick healing from whatever it is that I have because I have not seen my sons since Wednesday night. Kate has been not only taking care of me but also taking care of the boys...I am guessing she would rather be at the hospital than dealing with me. She takes lots of pictures of the boys for me, which does help, but I look forward to holding them again sometime soon.

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  1. Yeah for Wes!! You get rockin on nasal cannula and it won't be long and you will be trying out a yummy bottle :) Way to go Max and Wes, keep growing and getting stronger and keep amazing those doctors :) Praying for you Mark that you feel better so you can go see and hold those beautiful boys!! Praying for you all and praying for a great week of progress for the boys.

    Tina Jacobsen