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Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crazy times...again

This has been a crazy week. Between Max's surgeries and Wesley getting ready to come home, it is an understatement to say we are overwhelmed.
We are elated to announce that we will be taking Wesley home on Tuesday evening!!!! Mark and I are so excited to get that little guy home. However the excitement is bittersweet. It is going to be extremely hard to leave Max at the Hospital for a minimum of two more months. We are struggling with the fact that we won't be able to visit him as much as we want and whenever we want.
Please pray for Max he still has a lot to overcome before he gets to come home. He is such an amazing little boy. He has gone through more in his five months of life than most of us go through our entire lives. His trach has allowed his personality to finally shine. He is most definitely more laid back than his brother. He has the most precious facial expressions. His beautiful dark brown eyes just sparkle when he gets excited.
His oxygen needs have gone up over the last couple of days even with the INO, currently he is in the 50% range. Also, the ventilator settings increased as well (currently 32 over 10), but we recognize this is partly to treat the hypertension in his heart. Tomorrow(Monday) he has a heart echo to see if his pulmonary hypertension is getting worse. We are very nervous for the results. It will give us a better idea how long and just how sick Max's heart really is. We are praying that we got the trach in time and haven't caused more damage to his little heart.

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  1. Praying, Praying, Praying for you all!! We will be praying for good results from Max's heart echo tommorrow and praying for Wes that he continues on his road to home :) Also praying for you and Mark as you begin a new journey with Wes at home and Max at Devos, praying that God will prepare you and give you all that is needed.

    Tina Jacobsen