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A glimpse into our lives as a family with micro-preemies. Our twins boys (Lovingly referred to as our Miracle Men) were born almost 16 weeks early.

Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, after all of our personal preparation for today's eye exam, the eye doctor said...the boys have immature eyes.  I think my limited medical degree could have made that diagnosis!!  After some further discussion, it sounded like that is a very common diagnosis at this gestational age.  The boys will now have eye exams every 2-weeks, and our nurse today guessed they would have the same diagnosis after their next eye exam.  The bright side is...we didn't hear any bad news!!

The boys had a good day.  No real changes, but their personalities continue to develop.  They were both just WIDE awake tonight, which is always a lot of fun for us.  Wes had a bit of a bee in his bonnet while we were doing his care and he had his breathing treatments, but after that, he cooled down, was flipped to his tummy, and just watched the world go by.  Max was much more relaxed, and I got to hold him for a few precious seconds while one of our favorite nurses, Ashley, changed his bed.  We took lots of pictures, which are shown below.  

The first one is Max yawning a bit and getting ready for a long, hopefully quiet night of sleep.

And this is Wes, all wide eyed and trying to reach his CPAP tubes so he can rip it off.  There is a running joke that Wes secretly lifts weights in preparation for his next opportunity to pull his breathing apparatus off.


  1. They are SO beautiful...oh, sorry Mark, SO handsome! :)
    They continue to be in our prayers.

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the boys, they are so sweet! I am so glad you were able to hold Max, even a few seconds is a gift! continuing to pray...God is Faithful!

  3. Mark, Kate, Max & Wes,

    Your boys are like little rock stars in the Mast household... Bella was ecstatic to see more pictures! We talked about how the boys are 6 weeks old and how exciting that is. She decided they needed a party with cake and birthday hats... but settled on singing them Happy Birthday (twice - once for Wes, once for Max) and asked Jesus to pass on the birthday wishes:)

    Praying for a nice, quiet day!
    Jason, Mary & Bella

  4. Oh you guys!
    What great pictures and how exciting to see them with their eyes open! Love it!
    Praise God for their progress - it seems like they are doing so well.
    Kerry and Steve

  5. So excited to see pictures of them again! They are just beautiful! We continue to pray that God keeps working the miracles on their amazing little bodies! Always holding you all in our prayers!

  6. I cannot believe how cute they are!!! We are praying for all of you!