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Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Max and Wes are 3!!!! -and- MAX 3.0

This is gonna be short and sweet...

Max and Wes and 3!!!

Our Miracle Men turned 3 yesterday. Still can't believe it! We had a fun impromptu party Monday night. The boys had a blast being the center of attention. Nothing like presents and balloons to make a kids day!

MAX 3.0

I am calling yesterday MAX 3.0 for Max Man. He turned 3 and had 3 procedures.
The surgeons first put in his broviac. It is the "port" he will use for chemo and labs. It is smaller than I thought and I think it will be easy to take care of. He also had a biopsy of his liver. The surgeon said the tumor looked "angry." My friend (Our amazing nurse Ashley tuned fantastic friend) pointed out, "what tumor isn't angry???" We are very glad we found it now. It hasn't spread to any other parts of the body. The third procedure was a specialized hearing test. This was done to get a baseline of his hearing. This was done because one of the chemos they would like to use affects hearing.

Chemo will start later this week. We are waiting for the pathology reports to come back to know the exact chemos and how often the cycles will be.
He has a good prognosis. The specialists used the word remission and cure several times. So we wait for the biopsy results and make a plan after that.



    We are so glad that yesterday went well for everyone. We pray that there will be no complications from here on out. That everything will be textbook and a complete healing for Max. Please let us know specific requests that you may have.

  2. Love hearing cure and remission associated with Max's diagnois. Praying hard and expecting nothing less for Miracle Man Max!!

    Love you all,
    Marie Uzarski

  3. Happy Birthday, you sweet Miracle Men!!! :) I'm so glad all the procedures went well. We're praying Max through this journey of healing! Amy Sluiter

  4. Can't believe I'm checking out your blog for more than just a cute picture:-( Thanks for the update... GREAT news on the prognosis. Praying!

    Jason, Mary, Bella & Grace

  5. Thanks for the update Kate. Glad the boys had a good birthday and that Max's prognosis is a good one. We will continue to pray for all of you.
    Karen Boersema

  6. Praying praying praying!!! Chris R