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Our journey continues when our son Max was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. This is his story....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A HUGE step forward...hope it holds.

The last couple days have been the typical ups and downs. After Thursday night Mark and I were really upset. Max's temp. of 104 really scared us. He still has a temp. but it is now around 100 (37-38). He is on 2 antibiotics right now. They are broad antibiotics to stop whatever is going on. So far all of the tests are negative, which is leaving the docs. unsure what is going on with him. The antibiotics are given through IV. This has caused some problems for Max. He has gone through more than 15 pokes. The IV's go bad really quickly. They have even had to shave some of his hair to put them in his head.

Between the numerous IV's, couple hours of increased oxygen, and temp.-- things have been a little tense. We were supposed to order the home vent Friday, but because of the everything it wasn't. We feel that Max has been working so hard the last couple weeks and we just want some acknowledgment. Yes, his oxygen went up for a couple hours with the high temp. but it came right back down. Thankfully someone agreed. After much discussion, we got word tonight that the home vent is going to get ordered tomorrow! A HUGE step towards home. We feel like Max is finally getting a much deserved pat on the back.

Wes is still "Wild Wild Wes" keeping us on our toes and we love it. He continues to retch, but we are trying something new. I am taking him to a chiropractor tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will work and we can soon get rid of this annoying drip feed.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. Max is doing MUCH better and so are Mark and I.


  1. We love hearing the good news! It's too bad it is following some set back. We will continue to pray for the fight in him and the power of God to be stronger than ever for him, Wes, you and Mark.
    Love you,
    Stacy, Geoff, Cassi, Evan & Sadie

  2. Sounds like--in all of the atypical things your boys have dealt with--this is a pretty straightforward fever, like lots of babies contract. I know the gravity of the fever for Max s much greater, but he seems to have weathered it like a champ. SOO glad the doctors have acknowledged that. Praying for the 4 of you!

  3. SO glad to hear the good news for Max!! We'll keep trusting for more good news! :) Amy

  4. Praising God that Max is getting thru this setback and feeling much better and so awesome that the home vent is getting ordered today!! Max has proven himself to those docs, he wants to go HOME!! We will be praying for no more setbacks, just smooth sailing ahead! Also, we will be praying for Wes and praying that his visit to the chiropracter will be the answer!

    Tina Jacobsen

  5. A home vent! YEAH! I agree that Max has been such a trouper. He has proved time and time again that he's able to strive through tough times. Now, I hope this vent is learned quickly and things go well. Being home as a family will be amazing! Your family is such an awesome testimony to love. The love you have for your boys, the love your boys have for you, the love the NICU has been able to give you, the love of your family and friends...God is GOOD!

  6. This is such great news, and much deserved for all of you guys!!! We will continue to pray that Max will stay stable so he can be home soon. We will also pray that the chiropractor will make a difference for Wes.

    Love you guys lots,
    Marie and Chad